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Foreign Service Despatches and Periodic Reports on United States Foreign Policy
Citizens for a United Earth (CUE) exists to promote global thinking and global citizenship, leading to a positive, sustainable future for all passengers of spaceship earth. Our roots are in the nuclear disarmament movement, but we now believe world peace cannot be achieved without addressing hunger, poverty, ignorance, injustice, overpopulation, and environmental damage, and especially renewable energy, as well as war.

We send out periodic emails on subjects related to peace and the global future–The [PEACE] List–and invite you to subscribe from our website.

Coalition for Democratic World Government is a coalition of organizations working in various ways toward a civilized system of world law. A democratic federal world government, founded on a world constitution with a global bill of human rights, will protect cultural diversity throughout the world and enable the human family to act as one to protect its common global home.
At the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR), faculty and students are committed to the development of theory, research, and practice that interrupt cycles of violence. ICAR is an innovative academic resource for people and institutions worldwide. It comprises a community of scholars, graduate students, alumni, practitioners, and organizations in the field of peace making and conflict resolution. ICAR is a Commonwealth Center for Excellence, recognized for its leadership in the field and its world-renowned faculty.
Established in 1992, the mission of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy is to promote a systems approach to peace-building and to facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted social conflict. The Institute is chaired by Ambassador John W. McDonald.
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation initiates and supports worldwide efforts to abolish nuclear weapons, to strengthen international law and institutions, to use technology responsibly and sustainably, and to empower youth to create a more peaceful world. Founded in 1982, the Foundation is comprised of individuals and organizations worldwide who realize the imperative for peace in the Nuclear Age. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan international education and advocacy organization. It has consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and is recognized by the UN as a Peace Messenger Organization.
VANA's Goal is to ensure a secure future for the human race:
  • by working for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and war.
  • by strengthening and renewing the United Nations
  • by supporting the U.N. in peacekeeping operations
  • by achieving a global common security under international law.
  • by joining with veterans and others in a global quest to end the arms race.
The Resources List from the Summer 2006 issue of Peace in Action.

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