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Agenda for Peace James L. Roush
Tying a Peace Ribbon Around the Pentagon Alice Coleman
A Reasonable Alternative:
The Master's Degree Program in Conflict Management at the Center for Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, Fairfax
Lea Knott
Changing our Mindset:
A Strategy for Peace
Willis W. Harman
Using Space for Peace Initiatives:
Beyond War's Global Spacebridge
Brenda Plowman
Ethnic Conflict in a U.S. High School—A Case Study James L. Roush
The Doctors' Diagnosis:
Reflections on the Awarding of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Louise Winfield
Fear and Apathy—A Psychologist Looks at the Arms Race Barry Childers, Ph.D.
From National to Global Security:
The UN's Next 40 Years
Gordon Feller
Developing a Peace Education Curriculum Jacqueline Haessly
Fighting Terrorism Vs. Building Peace James L. Roush
Resolving Regional Conflicts Dr. John W. Buron
Healing Ourselves, Healing the World—An Interview with Norman Cousins Ronald S. Miller
Australia and the International Year of Peace Amb. Richard Butler
Imparting Virtue to Peace:
The Peace Corps Role
Jack Vaughn
Ambassadors of Peace:
Peace Corp Volunteers Answer the Question, "How do You think you contribute to World Peace?"
Marcia Teisan-Hamilton
Signal of Hope—Canada's Agenda for Peace Amb. Douglas Roche
A Problem in Common—"How To" in Conflict Management Bart Balducci
Making the United Nations More Effective in Maintaining Peace and Security Javier Perez de Cuellar
UN Secretary-General
U.S. Attitudes Toward the United Nations of the Twenty-First Century Prof. John E. Fobes
Ambassadors or Peace—Part 2 Marcia Teisan-Hamilton
Peace Through Development:
The Evolving Peace Corps
Loret Miller Ruppe
Peace Corps Dir.
We're all in the Same Boat—U.S.-Soviet Peace-building on the Mississippi River Alice M. Coleman
Canada's Institute for International Peace and Security Amb. Geoffrey Pearson
Is the American Peace Movement too Diverse? Prof. Ronald J. Glossop
A New Strategy for the American Peace Movement—Citizen Peace Initiatives Michael T. Klare &
Andrea Ayvazian
Conflict Prevention Through Nonviolent Training—A Case Study from Kent State University Paul Barton-Kriese
The International Year of Peace in Thailand Emphasizes Peace in Thai Society Marcia Hamilton
Finding Your Curriculum in Unlikely Places—Themes on Conflict and Peace Studies Metta Spencer
The Defense of Canada in the Nuclear Age—Towards a World Without War Veterans Against
Nuclear Arms
A New Dimension in Peace Education—Transpersonal Psychology Florence Widutis
Preparing for Peace Dr. Rodrigo Carazo
National Negotiating Styles Amb. John W. McDonald
Humorists? In the Soviet Union—"I was a Centerfold in Krokodil" Alice P. Boren
Soviet-American Peace Walk—"Maybe We Can Be Friends" Joan Urbanczyk
Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Conflict Resolution John Burton &
Richard Rubenstein
Conflict Resolution:
A New Profession Emerges
Lea Knott
Guidelines for Track Two Diplomats Amb. John W. McDonald
Conflict Resolution and Education:
Not Just for the Children
Joseph A Scimecca
Winning Cooperation in a Tough World Bert Balducci
Preventing Accidental Nuclear War David Krieger
Soviet-American Citizens' Summit Noel McInnis
What does 1787 Have to Say to the World of 1987? Thomas Hardiman
Small States and Big Issues PM David Lang
Why Not Joint US-Soviet Conflict Resolution Teams? John Burton &
Richard Rubenstein
Conflict Resolution and Nicaragua Richard Rubenstein
Peace Profile Survey Report Hank Stone
Models of Peace Education Fred Knelman, Ph.D.
War, Peace and Disarmament Mark Twain
Forming the Peace Consciousness Gerard M. Corrigan
Warsaw Treaty States' Proposals on Force Reduction in Europe  
Conflict Resolution as a Political System John Burton
A Proposal to the Next President Barbara Marx Hubbard
Missed Opportunities at the UN Special Session on Disarmament Peter Herby
New Dimensions for Improving Global Security James Lippke
Peace Educators in Action Ian Harris
Education in Diplomacy Smith Simpson
Dialog: The Persian Gulf James L. Roush
Global Rambo or Cooperative Partner? Ronald J Sider
Conflict Management and International Development Kristen K Loken
A Human Needs Approach to Problems in South Africa Dr. John Burton
Resolving Racial Conflict in the U.S.:
A New Perspective is Needed
Richard E. Rubenstein
Thinking Like a Planet Noel McInnis
Environmental Agenda for the 1990s  
Disarming Our Hearts Anne Marie Witohger Hansen
Styles Used to Deal with Conflict Richard Blackburn
High Schoolers Advise on Peace  
Dialogue: A Vision for the U.S. Presidential Election Campaign James L. Roush
Redefining National Security Louise Diamond, Ph.D.
Ethnic Conflict in a U.S. High School James L. Roush
Let Us Choose Responsibility David M. Krieger, Ph.D.
The Role of the Armed Forces in the 1990s Brig. Michael Harbottle,
A Proposal to the Next President Barbara Marx Hubbard
Conflict Resolution in the New Europe Dennis J D Sandole
Peace Education in Milwaukee Jacqueline Haessly
Dialogue: A new World Order James L. Roush
The Continuing Cold War John Burton
International Law and Peace Education David Krieger
A Case Study of UN Peace-Keeping:
The Re-humanization of El Salvador
James L. Roush
Conflict Resolution in Iowa's Schools Dr. Noa Davenport &
Dr. Susan Koch
Peace Education Resources  
Conflict and the Media  
Dialogue: The UN and Keeping the Peace James L. Roush
Ecology and Spirituality Jane Blewett
Finding Common Ground John Marks
Whither Nuclear Proliferation? David Krieger
How the USG Rationalizes Nuclear Warfare  
NGO Plan for Nuclear Weapons Abolition  
Merging Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice Juliana E. Birkoff,
Frank Blechman &
Wallace Warfield
The ABC's of Communication and Conflict Resolution James L. Roush
Spotlight: Exploris Museum James L. Roush
Dialogue: A Culture of Peace James L. Roush
Building a Culture of Peace Rev. John Dear
Powerful Beyond Measure—Practicing Nonviolence Rich Davis
The United States and the United Nations Jerry Pubantz
The UN is more than Blue Helmets Jerrold Berke
The Media and the Poor David Hoffman
Guatemala's Justice Sector Brian Treacy
Forgiveness and a Culture of Peace Eileen Borris
Abolish Nuclear Weapons David Krieger
I Fear for Our Children Donald Zimmermann
Evolution of Peace Education in Milwaukee Dr. Ian Harris
Peace by Piece—Using Music to Promote Peace Jill Clark Hawley &
Alice Hughes
Policies for International Peace
Spotlight on Peacemakers:
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Dialogue: Peace and Security James L. Roush
Policies for a More Secure World FCNL
Time to Discuss US Nuclear Weapons Policy David Krieger
Peace as an Organizing Principle Louise Diamond, Ph.D.
An Exit Strategy from Iraq Richard E. Rubenstein
Using Multi-Track Diplomacy to Deal with Ethnic Conflict Amb. John W. McDonald
Renewable Energy Revolution Hank Stone
Building a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence
The Personal Practice of Nonviolence Jennifer Hadley
The Decade of Nonviolence—Houston Carol Keene
Urban Grass-Roots Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Mary Lee Morrison
The School as Peacemaking Community: 10 Ingredients James McGinnis
A Peace Room and a Peace Train MJ and
Jerry Park
Dealing with Teens—It's All About Feelings Rhodeena Gonzales
Cameroun's Transition to Independence James L. Roush
Working for International Peace
Awakening America—Before It's Too Late David Krieger
Dialogue: Let's Wage Peace; Our "Wars" Aren't Working James L. Roush
Religion, Violence and the Ethics of Peace Richard E. Rubenstein
Where is Peace in a Time of War? Deepak Chopra
Integrating Spiritual Practice into Peacemaking Thich Nhat Hanh
The United Nations at 60
Part I Origins, Purpose and Structure
Part II Keeping the Peace
Part III Economic and Social Development
Part IV UN Reform Effort
James L. Roush
Strengthening the United Nations System Dietrich Fischer
Building a Culture of Peace in Schools and Communities
Center for Diversity Education Deborah Miles
Teaching Combating Intolerance in High School Gideon Sanders
Help Increase the Peace Program (HIPP) Kathryn Liss
Storytelling and Creating a Culture of Peace Metta Spencer
Schools and Alternative Schools Johan Galtung
Resources for Peacebuilders
Common Roots of Three Abrahamic Faiths:
A Foundation for Coexistence
Douglas Norell
A Tribute to Rosa Parks David Krieger
Major Religions on War and Peace
From the Editor
Promoting International Peace
SPOTLIGHT on Peacemakers  
From the Editor  
NEEDED: A Strategy for PEACE James L. Roush
The Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice
The Greatest Immediate Danger to Humanity David Krieger
"Peak Oil" and Sustainability Hank Stone
Conflict Resolution as a Political System John W. Burton
Peace in the Holy Land Is Possible Joy Johnson
United Nations System
Organization Chart for the System
UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization
International Atomic Energy Agency
UN Commission on the Status of Women
Building a Culture of Peace
Gandhi's Vision: Inter-Faith Harmony in Southern India Douglas Norell
Builders of National Cultures of Peace James L. Roush
People Power Across the Globe Amb. (Ret.) John W. McDonald
Ethnic Conflict in a U.S. High School James L. Roush
Supporting Peace Education Worldwide Tony Jenkins
Major Religions on War and Peace

Working for International Peace
SPOTLIGHT on Peacemakers: Dr. Louise Diamond and David Krieger
PEACE as an Organizing Principle Louise Diamond
Reasons to Kill: Why Americans Choose War Richard Rubenstein
Message for Hiroshima Day David Krieger
The Moral Challenge of a Nuclear-Free World Katsuya Okada and
Guido Westervelle
Nuclear Dangers and Opportunities in the Middle East Richard Falk
and David Krieger
Earth Day: A Global Celebration  
Permaculture: A Regenerative Design for Community Resiliency Penny Livingston-Stark
Bioneers: A Declaration of Independence Kenny Ausubel
Growing our Future Angel Cruz
United Nations System
UN Women  
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations  
Millennium Development Goals: A Status Report  
Building a Culture of Peace
Passing the Practice of Peace from One Generation to the Next Rita Marie Johnson
The Peaceable Classroom Sonja Sneddon
Ecoliteracy, Systems Thinking, and Smart by Nature Education Michael H. Stone
Forgiveness: the Road to Peace Azim Khamisa
Small Callings - My Journey Back to Peacemaking David LaMotte
Major Religions on War and Peace  

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