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From the Editor

With this issue, we have completed 25 years of publishing; this will be our 20th and final issue. Recent issues and a list of earlier articles are on our website. I'll be glad to send articles.

In this issue, the Working for International Peace section republishes Louis Diamond's PEACE as an Organizing Principle and also includes Hank Stone's Ten Principles for the Success of the Human Race. Both are designed to foster broader thinking about working for peace. We also have articles in this section on two very important prerequisites for obtaining peace: eliminating the nuclear threat and healing our earth.

The United Nations System reports on two new agencies: the UN Women organization, which will start January 1, 2011, and the Alliance of Civilizations which began operations in 2008 to develop, support, and highlight projects that promote understanding and reconciliation among cultures globally, especially among Western and Muslim societies. Also included in this section is an article on the progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, a major potential contributor to peace.

The Building a Culture of Peace section has two articles focusing on teaching peace and cooperation in the schools, as well as one promoting ecoliteracy. Also, two articles tell how two men became peacemakers: Forgiveness: The Road to Peace and Small Callings - My Journey Back to Peacemaking.

Our Spotlight on Peacemakers salutes Louise Diamond, the author mentioned above, for her work with various peace activities and peace work around the world. It also includes an addition about David Krieger's recently published English-Japanese anthology of poetry – God's Tears –Reflections on the Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Once again, we thank Ashleigh Brilliant (Brilliant Enterprises, 117 W. Valerio St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA) for his permission to use his Pot-Shots postcards. With “17 words or less,” they send a strong message.

We send thanks to readers who have provided the moral and financial support to enable us to continue publishing for 25 years. Copies of PEACE in Action go to most countries around the world and also to all members of the U.S Congress. Americans may wish to call to the attention of their Representatives or Senators an article they like. While they are at it, they could request legislation to establish a Department of Peace and ratification by the U.S. Senate of the CEDAW treaty on women's rights and the new Start I Treaty.

Peace be with you all! —Jim

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