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SPOTLIGHT on Peacemakers
SPOTLIGHT on Peacemakers
Ambassador (Ret.) John W. McDonald is a lawyer, a professor, a published author, a former U.S. diplomat who served in Western Europe and the Middle East, and with agencies of the United Nations dealing with economic and social affairs. He is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Multi-Track Diplomacy views the process of international peacemaking as a living system. It looks at the web of interconnected activities, individuals, institutions, and communities that interrelate for a common goal: a world at peace.

Since 1992 the IMTD has initiated and facilitated conflict transformation projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Recently, IMTD has been working on:

  1. projects linked to Georgia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan, & Kashmir;
  2. Water and Peace issues; and
  3. conflict resolution training in military institutes.
For more info about Amb. McDonald and the work of the IMTD, visit the IMTD website or offices at 1901 N. Fort Myer Drive # 405, Arlington, VA 22209; phone (703) 528-3863.
Dr. David Krieger is a lawyer who has written many studies on peace in the Nuclear Age and written or edited 16 books. He is the recipient of many awards and serves on the board/advisory council of 20 organizations working for peace and human rights. He is a founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), located in Santa Barbara, California, USA, and has served as its President since 1982.

NAPF has initiated many innovative and important projects for building peace, strengthening international law, abolishing nuclear weapons, and empowering a new generation of peace leaders.

The NAPF has recently launched an Appeal to the next President of the United States calling for US leadership for a nuclear weapons-free world. The Appeal will be delivered to the President inaugurated on January 20, 2009. The NAPF has also created a new DVD, Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future, which outlines the case against nuclear weapons. To sign the Appeal and obtain a copy of the DVD, visit the NAPF website or their offices at PMB 121, 1187 Coast Village Road - #1, Santa Barbara, CA 93108; phone (805) 965-3443.

Professor Richard Rubenstein, who taught at various universities in the U.S. and abroad, joined George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) in 1987 as Professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs. He has authored 8 books and written dozens of essays, articles, and book chapters on conflicts, conflict resolution, terrorism, social justice, and religions.

ICAR provides bachelor's, master's, and doctorate programs in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, plus certificates in Conflict Resolution/advanced skills, Collaborative Leadership in Community Planning, and Conflict Resolution for Health Professionals.

In October 2007, ICAR hosted a first ever workshop of European and U.S. experts to discuss how best to integrate their research and ideas into foreign policy. Professor Rubenstein, who organized the conference, found that European governments were ahead of the U.S. in integrating conflict resolution into foreign policy. Visit the ICAR website for more info or their offices at 3330 N. Washington Boulevard "Truland Building" Arlington, VA;
Mailing address I.C.A.R. MS - 4D3, 3401 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22201;
phone (703) 993-1300.

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