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In this issue, the Promoting International Peace section includes articles which stress the need for action now to avoid potential disasters with worldwide ramifications, e.g., The Greatest Immediate Danger to Humanity and "Peak Oil" and Sustainability. We also offer ideas for dealing with those threats. Next, we offer ideas for building a culture of peace at the international political level, e.g., NEEDED: A Strategy for PEACE and Conflict Resolution as a Political System. Peace in the Holy Land Is Possible offers new thoughts for resolving that conflict.

The United Nations System reports on the achievements of four agencies of the UN system. Their programs are important to many people and deserve greater resources and moral support from the more developed nations, especially the United States.

The Building a Culture of Peace section goes international this issue, looking at worthwhile programs and activities in a number of countries, e.g., Building National Cultures of Peace, People Power Across the Globe, and Supporting Peace Education Worldwide. The article on resolving ethnic conflict in a U.S. high school has been published before, but we believe it has useful ideas for schools in which students appear to be a problem and in conflict, both in the U.S. and in other countries. Interfaith dialogue and cooperative activities can be helpful at this time in building a culture of peace; therefore, we are pleased to report on such activities: Gandhi's Vision: Inter-Faith Harmony in Southern India.

Our Spotlight on Peacemakers salutes the members of our Editorial Advisory Committee for their work and that of their organizations in the cause of peacemaking; we thank them for their long-standing support. Thanks also to Ashleigh Brilliant (Brilliant Enterprises, 117 W. Valerio St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA) for his permission to use his Pot-Shots postcards. With "17 words or less," they send a strong message.

We send thanks to readers who have provided the moral and financial support to enable us to continue publishing. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. For those who wish to contribute financially, order copies, or write to us, see our address in the Page 1 sidebar. Copies of PEACE in Action go to most countries around the world and also to all U.S Congressmen. Americans may wish to call to the attention of their Representative or Senators an article they like. While they are at it, they could put in a plug for the legislation to establish a Department of Peace!

Peace be with you all!

Jim Roush

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