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Resources for Peacebuilders

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Building a Culture of Peace in Schools and Communities
Resources for Peacebuilders

Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ)

Around Pledge of Nonviolence:

  • Pre-School Peace Tote;
  • Alternatives to Violence Kit for:
    1. Public Schools, K-8;
    2. Christian Education and Schools, K-8;
  • Youth Pledge of Nonviolence for Christian H.S. & Youth Group program;
  • Families Creating a Circle of Peace (also available in Spanish);
  • A Call to Peace ­ 52 Meditations on the Pledge;
  • Creating Circles of Peace—Alternatives to Violence Kits for Churches (also in Spanish).

Peacemaking after 9/11 and on racism, materialism, and militarism:

  • The Things That Make for Peace:—for K-8 and for High Schools & Youth Groups;
  • Peacemaking and the Powers: Promoting Justice & Peace in post-9/11 America ­ a 6-session program for churches, youth and religious communities on Dr. King's "giant triplet of racism, materialism, and militarism."

Many more essays, classroom activities, advocacy suggestions, worship services, workshop worksheets, other IPJ resources, and helpful links are available FREE on the IPJ website. Also, see The School as a Peacemaking Community: 10 Ingredients by James McGinnis in the Spring 2004 issue of PEACE in Action.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)

FOR is an interfaith peace and justice organization. Its members across the U.S. participate in local groups and in Religious Peace Fellowships in virtually every religious denomination. It has Decade for Nonviolence packets. It has special events and it publishes Fellowship Magazine. For more information, contact FOR's website or contact direct by E-mail at:; phone: (914) 358-4601.

Silicon Valley Conference for Community & Justice (SVCCJ)

  • Camp Everytown (formerly Anytown): a 4-day & 3-night residential retreat program for high school youth, adult groups & inter-faith groups.
  • Leadership Today: a 4-day & 3-night retreat program for college and adult groups. .
  • Common Ground: a 5-day school site-based program for 9th grade freshmen to help adjust to new school and social environment.
  • Uni-Town and AnyCorp: a customized on-site 2-day intensive program. AnyCorp is especially adapted to workplace team building. Uni-Town is appropriate for school sites with youth.

Other programs include:

  • Growing Circle for K-5;
  • Experiencing Diversity for youth or adults;
  • Interrupting Prejudice—an on-site workshop that follows Experiencing Diversity;
  • Flash Judgments & Attitudes Toward Differences—a 4-hour video and interactive workshop for middle school through adults;
  • Silent Beats—a 2-hour program, video and dialogue on prejudice (for youth or adults);
  • Extremes of Hate—for teaching about the Holocaust, genocide, and tolerance;
  • Teacher Certification Training; and
  • Diversity Management Training & Consultation—customized multi-day on-site.

{For more information, contact SVCCJ at (408) 286-9663 or at .}

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

The SPLC publishes the Teaching Tolerance magazine with excellent articles and links to like-minded organizations and resources. SPLC also provides a variety of teaching materials.

The Peace Company

The Peace Company has an online store from which one can obtain goods and services that support peacebuilders in every sector of society. Goods include books and other materials; services includes online courses. For more information, contact The Peace Company at their website.

Partners for Peace

Partners for Peace sponsors a tour in the U.S. each year of "Jerusalem Women Speak: Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision." One woman is Jewish, two are Palestinians (one Christian, one Muslim), and they talk about their work for peace in Jerusalem. To find out details of the trips, contact Partners for Peace at their website.

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

The Institute has a vast amount of experience dealing especially with multi-ethnic conflict. They have carried out peacebuilding activities in Cyprus, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Bosnia, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Georgia, Indonesia, Nepal and the Great Lakes Region of East Africa and with the Government of Tibet-in-Exile. They publish a quarterly newsletter. For more information about the Institute and its work in dealing with Ethnic Conflict, see PEACE in Action, Spring 2004 on our website []. Also, the Institute's website is: ; their Email address is:

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