PEACE in Action

Integrating Spiritual Practice into Peacemaking

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Policies for International Peace
Integrating Spiritual Practice into Peacemaking

You cannot have peace just by sitting down and negotiating or making plans. You have to learn to breathe in and out to calm yourself, and you have to be able to help the other person to do like you. If there is no element of peace in you and the other person, no work, no activity can be described as genuine acts of peacemaking. So the president of a nation, the prime minister of a nation, the head of a political party has to practice peace, to pray for peace in his body and mind before he can be effective in asking other prime ministers and heads of nations to join him or her in making peace.

I suggest that each peace conference should begin with walking meditation, sitting meditation; someone should be there to give instructions as to how to do total relaxation to remove tension, anger and fear in body and mind. That is civilization; that is bringing a spiritual dimension into our political and social life. Peace in one's self will bring about peace in one's community, in the world. And in our corporation, in our school, in our party, in our city hall, we have to practice peace. Schoolteachers have to practice peace, and teach students how to practice peace. In the Congress, people have to practice peace for themselves and ask other members of the Congress to practice Peace. The strategy of peace should involve practice with our body and mind.

[Science of Mind, August 2006, page 21]

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